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Thinking of hiring a copywriter? Here's why you should

So, you’ve heard you should hire a copywriter, but you’re not sure what benefit they could really be to your business. Most of us would consider ourselves coherent, articulate communicators who have done well in our careers or built our own businesses through skill, knowledge, and the ability to string a sentence together. So why on earth would you pay good money for a copywriter?

Surely I can do this myself?

It’s just words - anyone can do that, right? Wrong. You know that old expression ‘you can’t see the wood for the trees’? It’s the exact same when businesses try to write their own copy. You know what you want to say, but I can almost guarantee it won’t come out that way.

When you’re too close to your industry, you might not realise just how confusing your jargon is to those who aren’t. And, when you are writing about your own business and services, you might find it hard to be objective. We all think we can be until it comes down to it, and then we begin questioning and doubting, which you don’t want reflected in your content.

When you hire a copywriter, you are able to have someone write about your services in a great light without focusing heavily on jargon, making your content easy to understand and enticing.

A copywriter is skilled in word placement. If you put words together a specific way, it can entice a buyer/client. Those same words together in a different order could put a customer off completely and cost you money.

A copywriter also knows how to talk to your client. They can be chatty, friendly, personable and direct. We can make anything sound exciting. I mean literally anything!

We cut through the jargon and write in plain English because people, regardless of their intellect, prefer to read content that’s short, sharp and simple.

We're not afraid to use conjunctions to start sentences. And we write short ones too. Oh, and we use contractions - because we write copy that's conversational.

Avoid common mistakes

If that wasn't enough to convince you, one of the best reasons to hire a copywriter is we can help anyone who may struggle with spelling or grammar look amazing.

If you do not know the difference between affect and effect, or compliment and complement, then you could put words in front of your audience which have a completely different meaning than the one you intended.

And, however good your intentions, odds are you simply don’t have time to learn the intricacies of copywriting, immerse yourself in your web copy, or generate regular or specialised content across multiple platforms.

So, do what you’d do in other areas of your work: outsource and delegate. Leaving you to concentrate on building your business or leading your team.

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